Brand introduction

IMATEK brand founded in 2006 in Paris, the capital of France, engaged in the design, development and production of high-quality security monitoring products, and quickly won the technology innovation, high quality, good reputation, established a high-end brand image and status in the international market. We believe that innovation, enterprising, excellence is the impulsion of enterprise finally.

IMATEK products sell like hot cakes in Europe, North America, southeast Asia, more than 20 countries and regions such as China, security monitoring system has become a global brand leadership. IMATEK is committed to intelligent security as well as the development of smart home products, constant innovation, continuous development, create the safe, reliable and intelligent living environment.

IMATEK monitoring products can work under the condition of complex bad performance is far better than other similar products, achieve military level of product standards.

Company introduction

IMATEK France headquarters was established in 2006, the company team at the beginning of the creation is a clear goal, namely the security monitoring product design and development worth customer trust. After its establishment, the company in the industry and customers mind quickly won the technology innovation, high quality reputation. The IMATEK design, research and development team are concentrated in the headquarters in France, and successively in Los Angeles, USA, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, China set up a sales company, in 2009 officially set up production plants in China.

In IMATEK group's international strategy, the southeast Asia market occupy very important position. IMATEK products in the beginning at the turn of the century in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Asia and other countries and regional sales. To tie in with the development of the market in the Asia-pacific region, beginning in 2009, formally set up production plants in China. The introduction of European IMATEK is located in China's production factory high quality production quality control standards.